The best way to build the community we want, is to build it together. All voices should be welcome in determining our collective future through community-centred governance where elected officials, staff, and engaged citizens, collaborate to make the best decisions for us all.

Community-based decision-making

I want a Council and municipal decision-making process that is more reflective of this community. We have tremendous talent, energy, and a spirit of volunteerism and action in Port Hope. This should be celebrated and harnessed to advance municipal priorities. Here’s how:

    • By recognizing the leadership and expertise of community groups and local organizations, and integrating them into decision-making processes.
    • By meeting people where they are, so voices from all walks of life are heard. We need to actively seek out diverse perspectives.
    • By removing barriers to participation. All citizens willing to contribute should welcomed to join committees and be part of the conversation.
    • By ensuring full community engagement processes, consulting with citizens for their input and ideas to inform policies and design of new initiatives, not just seeking feedback on work already completed, policies already drafted, or designs already made.
    • By requiring representative sampling in all community consultation processes – we cannot make good decisions on the basis of the views of any one group or demographic.

The responsibility for council to consult and engage with citizens is enshrined in the Municipal Act. It is integral to our ability to make good decisions and to build the community we all want! 

Do you have ideas about community participation?

I’d love to hear your ideas and perspective!