A thriving community needs future-thinking that anticipates challenges and tackles them head on. By thinking long-term, we can take action, preserve and enhance our local ecosystems, cultural heritage, and sense of community, while making sure that no one is left behind.

A Sustainable Future

There are changes coming that will require us to adapt. In coming years, federal and provincial governments will continue to roll out their climate plans for our inevitable transition away from fossil fuels. How we prepare for this change matters. I want us to take control and make our own plans, rather than waiting on people who are not from here, and don’t know what matters to us. We can ensure our community’s way of life is sustained. Here’s how:

    • By investing now in our natural infrastructure that will help mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change. Our tree canopy can help clean our air and keep us cool. Raingardens can keep toxins out of our waterways and help prevent flooding.
    • By collaborating with Northumberland Country and with our agricultural community in Ward 2 to strengthen local food systems. We should ensure our bylaws enable and encourage urban food production in Ward 1.
    • By retrofitting our municipal buildings sooner rather than later. This will be more fiscally efficient than if we leave everything to the last minute (that’s not a tax bill I’d like to leave to my children.)
    • By working with surrounding municipalities and other levels of government to expand public transportation. We can ensure we are connected locally, including in Ward 2, and that we have convenient and affordable options to connect to the GTA.
    • By facilitating dialogue and collaboration among citizens and local organizations. A thriving community is not created solely by the municipal government. It’s built and sustained by us, its citizens. The more we talk to each other, the more solutions we’ll find.

Do you have ideas about our sustainable future?

I’d love to hear your ideas and perspective!