My Story

I am a mother, an active volunteer, and a consultant specializing in community engagement, project design, and impact assessment. I am someone who thanks her lucky stars each and every day that our family gets to live here in Port Hope!

Community Life

I’m not kidding, I’m tremendously grateful that my husband Ameet and I get to raise our family in Port Hope.

We were looking for a place where we could enjoy the outdoors, feel connected to our neighbours and community, and give our kids a safe and happy childhood.  Moving to Port Hope felt like coming home.

I enjoy giving back to this community and championing the values that I believe make Port Hope a uniquely wonderful place to live, and work.

    • I was proud to co-found Port Hope for Future, a grassroots community of families of close to 500 members, working to make Port Hope a greener community.
    • I am a founding board member of the Civic Award-winning, Save Our Trees, which is a non-profit organization working to preserve Port Hope’s irreplaceable tree canopy.
    • Though recently shuttered due to Covid lockdowns, I sat on the board of Port Hope Education Network, which was formed for the purpose of saving Port Hope High School.
    • I am an active volunteer and supporter of many other local causes, such as: Repair Cafe, Rotary of Northumberland Sunrise, and Green Wood Coalition, among others.

Our family always enjoys opportunities to take part in community life and to gather with neighbours. You may see me around town on my bright orange ‘station wagon’ bike, often with a kid or two on the back.  If you see us, say hello! I am always happy to meet new neighbours and hear your ideas. 

Professional Life

I am a consultant specializing in community development. I have worked with organizations and communities in Canada and around the world on community consultation, project design, and impact assessment. Learn more about my company Small Shop Big Impact.

My professional life has been a training ground for what I want to accomplish in my community and on council. I feel uniquely qualified for this next chapter, and I’m excited to put all my experience to use here at home.

One of the best things about my line of work is I’ve had the chance to see firsthand how when officials, civil society and community members collaborate and work together, it’s amazing what can be accomplished! 

I have seen communities tackle huge challenges, leading the way to improving people’s lives long before national or regional governments.

I believe my experience working with communities makes me ideally suited to help build the future we all want for ourselves, each other, and Port Hope. I hope you’ll agree, and will give me a chance to serve!

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