A livable community means investing in our public spaces, making them accessible and enjoyable for all. It also means supporting cultural events that bring us together. Most importantly, it takes a realistic plan to ensure we can all afford to live and raise our families in this place we love.

Affordable Housing

As a compassionate community, we need to make sure that the people who are here, can afford to stay here. Like so many parents, worry about whether my children will be able to afford a home in the community they’re growing up in. I am concerned for my neighbours, people who are already here, but cannot afford to buy a home or, too often, even rent a home; these are people who have businesses and jobs in our community, who are raising their families in our community, who have put down roots here. The  housing crisis is a complicated challenge, one that is driven by many factors, some beyond the municipality. But we do have some tools in our kit to make life here more affordable. Here’s how:

    • By ensuring our Official Plan and our Zoning Bylaw prioritize affordable housing and appropriate densification. Currently, council is taking an important first step, making the amendments to our Official Plan as required by the newly updated Ontario Planning Act. But, I don’t think they are going far enough.
    • By listening to local groups who are studying housing in our local context. We should not accept a one size fits all solution designed for larger urban centres.
    • By remembering that a one size fits all approach may not be appropriate for both Ward 1 and Ward 2 and that plans need to reflect the interests and perspectives of both rural and urban neighbours.
    • By making it as easy as possible for property owners to create new housing through easy-to-navigate processes for zoning and permits.
    • By including incentives in the Community Improvement Plan that remove financial barriers for creation of new affordable housing units.
    • By engaging with neighbours most impacted to ensure our plans are made with their needs in mind.
    • By ensuring that the right of those experiencing homelessness to shelter in peace is respected, while supporting these neightbours in transitioning to appropriate housing.
    • By exploring creative community solutions that support seniors to age in place while also providing affordable accommodation to others.

    • By actively negotiating with developers to ensure they are growing our community in line with our vision.

A Livable Community for All

There is so much to love about Port Hope. 

This place, with its unique and beautiful landscape of forested ravines, our beloved Ganaraska River and waterfront, and our many public spaces, provide a backdrop for a vibrant and active community. 

As we manage this natural and public infrastructure, we can maintain our small town culture and ensure everyone feels connected and engaged. This will be even more important as our population ages, and grows. 

We can make sure we maximize opportunities for multigenerational recreational use, enjoyment of arts and cultural events, and access to amenitiesPublic transit, sidewalks, and cycle routes, must be part of the plan.  

Do you have ideas about housing and livability?

I’d love to hear your ideas and perspective! The more I understand, the better able I will be to be your voice on Council.